June 28, 2018

4 Tips to Narrow your Niche


Narrowing your niche in your business.

Narrowing your niche is everything for you biz. It took me a few years to nail down because I didn’t want to turn away anyone. But the reality is is that when you have a narrowed down niche you are able to market better, attract your ideal clients more, and have a more solidified foundation of how you are helping your ideal clients. When you are attracting everyone, you’re really repelling everyone because the message can seem all over the place. If you’d like to narrow your niche, here are some tips below:

  • Who are your people? Who do you ENJOY working with? Give a name to that person and what they like to do, who they are.
  • Break down their demographics: Where do they live (even if you work remotely with your clients), what’s there age, gender, etc.
  • Research! See if that’s still a popular niche. If it is, break it down even further. Break down a specific area within that.
  • What problem are you trying to solve for them? What need are you trying to fill?

Some examples from Fizzle include:

  1. MINIMALIST BAKER — TOPIC: simple cooking. AUDIENCE: vegan and gluten free people. PROBLEM: people think it’s hard to make delicious, simple vegan and gluten free foods. MB creates a lifestyle image and then provides recipes so you can live this way too. So maybe the problem REALLY is “I want to live like that, how do I do it?”
  2. THE TINY CANAL COTTAGE — TOPIC: living well in a tiny space. AUDIENCE: modern folks interested in living more inspired lives no matter the size of our homes. PROBLEM: Living well in a tiny space! As she says: “you don’t have to live large to live beautifully.”
  3. ZEN COURSES —  TOPIC: Building online courses. AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs who want to build an online course. PROBLEM: Planning, organizing, and launching an online course that gets results is difficult and there aren’t many good step-by-step guides that show you how to do it.

The cool part is even though you are getting very specific with your niche, you will STILL attract people outside of that. So you’ll be able to work with your ideal clients and you’ll stand out as a business. Another example is here at Alyssa Brooke Creative, my TOPIC is life coaching geared towards passions and my AUDIENCE is Millennials who want to find joy in who they are & create a fulfilling life in their passions. The PROBLEM I’m helping them overcome in coaching is making the most of their time to gain direction and purpose and feel confident in who they are and what gifts they have.

What is your niche?

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