May 8, 2018

You don’t Grow when You’re Comfortable


Comfort; uncomfortable; millennials, seasons

Comfort is easier.

It allows us to stay put.

It keeps us from stretching ourselves and tells us there isn’t anything better.

That what is in front of us is just good enough.

If you look back on the moments in your life, when did you grow the most?

It was in the uncomfortable right? The MOST pivotal moments in my life were because I was far outside my comfort zone, when I was in a hell of a season or a great adventure. When I was stretched and grew the most was because I said bye to my comfort or because I had to let go of it. In the moments where I was terrified and took that leap because I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but it was going to be WORTH it. Now sometimes we choose to be uncomfortable and sometimes we are thrust into it. I’ve had both, and I’m grateful for both because I know what’s that the uncomfortable means growth. In the moments where you are thrust into it, it is an OPPORTUNITY. It means you are not going to stay put, that you are not going to stay in that season that you’re currently in, that you’re going to have an opportunity to learn and do something that you may have never seen coming. Because there is something better in the long run. The harder it is to be there, the bigger opportunity. You are going to come out stronger, more resilient, and persevere greater. It is an opportunity to learn how to do those things well. What ways can you step outside of that comfort zone?

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