March 16, 2018

The Difference between Excellence and Mediocrity is Commitment


I read this the other day and damnn. Mic drop. It speaks so much truth. Commitment is the glue to making big things happen. Often we search for excellence and it’s the work you put in day in and day out that forms and molds those big dreams. Generally that excellence starts off in a whole other place. Like take a throwback at your first insta post-cringeworthy? At least mine is. But, because over time I’ve learned, I’ve changed, and gotten better. Or even when I start doing push ups, I will work on my form and how many and my push up game is much stronger than when I decide to do them every once in a while. Taking a break or doing them every once in a while is like starting over each time.  Consistency is key to seeing better results. And work for excellence. It’s easier to settle for mediocre or push out something not as great when time is involved, but excellence is what stands out. Excellence is what people are driven to. It’s seeing it through, especially when you hit hiccups and road bumps along the way. Adjust it, learn, fine tune, tweak, fail, grow, and most of all keep pouring into it and commit.

  1. What does excellence mean to you?
  2. What is a skill or trait you want to develop? How could you pour into that more and challenge it each day to get better?
  3. What things could you fine tune more?
  4. What is something in your current business that is easier to write off, but something if you invested a little extra time to could be better?
  5. How could you pursue excellence where you are at?

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