April 17, 2017

MM: Intent over Habit


Intent over habit

Knowing what habits you have and developing them into good ones are great (and I’m kind of obsessed with talking about habits), but as soon as it starts going through the motions and mindlessly going through them is when we can lose the small opportunities within that. Like every week when I am writing these Motivational Mondays there is a process to create them and put them up on my blog and social media.  What’s easy is posting them the exact same way every time or even coming up with ideas of what to post. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the habits I’m creating. But when I start looking into my intent of what I’m doing, why I’m posting them, or how I am posting them I can make a post more seamless or more impactful because there is more thought behind what was just created. And I hope to build a business out of thought rather than habit. But, most of all I hope to live a life out of intent rather than habit.

This week try and focus on the habits you’ve built (they tend to be smaller and things you gravitate towards instantly) and find the opportunities to be more intentional you might be surprised at what you do on the daily and the ideas you might come up with outside of it.

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