March 27, 2017

MM: Experts Start Somewhere


BeyonceWe all have a beginning point in our dreams. The moment we pick up a brush, a pen and paper, a script, or even had just a simple thought.  And then we work on it, staying up till 2AM figuring out how to code, researching, starting. We don’t instantly become Michelangelo or Beyonce in a day. There are countless hours, a huge amount of effort, training, building, and a beautiful and hard story behind every successful person because they truly worked for it and because they became an expert in their field.  And in order to become successful we just have to start and keep going. Start by putting in countless hours, a huge amount of effort, mold ideas as you go, work through failures, break the mediocre mold, and keep going. It truly takes time and perseverance, keep pursuing what makes your heart beat!

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