January 30, 2017

MM: What is your Focus?


What is your main focus? Possibly over the next couple of months or year? Is it a continuous goal, mastering a skill, or even trying to maintain a focus? Even with a pinpointed focus how are you responding to distractions? Because it is so easy to get distracted (amiright?).  Life gets busy, certain comments may derail or bring up insecurities, failures come or even unexpected opportunities, and list goes on.  Learning to stay focused is a skill that only comes when responding to distractions.  And most of the time it takes learning how to respond and then refocusing.  It’s okay to get distracted, it’s all in the follow through aspect – what you do with the distractions.

When you know what you’re focusing on, it is much easier to push through distractions.  Or possibly even add them to the focus.  Some good distractions may become a part of the focus and make it clearer.  It all starts with having an idea of what you’d like to focus on (or if you are already focused – it could be where your attention goes to after distractions), maintaining a focus, and keep going!

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